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Talking Story with Miss Universe Brook Lee

Melissa Chang makes my Christmas wish come true by setting up a talk story with Miss Universe Brook Lee

Posted December 26, 2013 by Myong Choi

A few months ago, a few of us Nonstoppers were talking about potential interview subjects to target for future blogs. The first name I brought up was Brook Lee, a local girl who made it big on the international stage by winning the Miss Universe 1997 pageant, then went on to host numerous shows, including the TV show “Pacific Fusion.” I had been a fan of Brook’s ever since she won the Miss USA 1997 title, and I’ve followed her career ever since. Her local roots, our shared Korean heritage and especially her down-to-earth charm made me want to meet her in real life and talk story.

Melissa Chang, who seems to know everyone in Hawaii or at least is no more than one degree of separation from knowing everyone, quickly stated that she knew Brook and would try to set something up. The next thing I knew, I was sharing boiled peanuts and musubi in front of Ruger Market with Brook, chatting about her career, her life as a mom and her favorite local foods. Here’s a video of our chat. Much mahalos to Melissa for setting this up!


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Born in Korea but a Hawaii resident since the age of 1, Myong Choi is a diligent engineer by day and an enthusiastic fun seeker by night. His appreciation for film started with watching bloody and violent Shaw Brothers kung fu films at Empress Theatre at age 5. When not catching up on the latest or greatest films he’s following K-pop trends, outside hiking or playing basketball, or inside enjoying an ice cold beer with friends.

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