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Our Top 5: Uni

Who loves uni? Laurie Oue, a.k.a. @konaish in social media, lists her fave dishes starring the creamy sea urchin

Posted January 29, 2014 by Nonstop Honolulu

By Laurie Oue
Special to Nonstop

I’ve always liked uni. I can’t even recall my first taste. For as long as I can remember, uni has always been the first thing I order at a sushi bar. Lots of times I’m the only one eating it because others don’t like it—uni are the deep yellow gonads of sea urchins, after all—but I don’t care.

I look for a taste that’s like the sea, yet creamy and buttery. I look for freshness. And in any dish I look for a substantial quantity of uni, enough to get a good taste of it.

There may be different flavors in the sauces and differences in the way a dish is prepared. But still it comes down to flavor. I want to make sure I have a mouthful of uni.

If you want to see all the uni dishes I’ve eaten recently, look for hashtag #uniporn. As for the very best, here are my Top 5 most memorable uni dishes.

No. 5 (tie): Isezushi (2 of 6)

No. 5 (tie): Isezushi

Uni sushi, Isezushi

It’s simple and basic, but you put this uni sushi in your mouth and the flavor is so delicious that you just sit there and go mmmm! Isezushi is a Michelin-starred restaurant near the ocean in Hokkaido, Japan. You can taste the sea and the freshness. With every bite we rolled our eyes and moaned and groaned.

Inaho, Otaru, Hokkaido, Japan

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