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Our Top 5: Uni

Who loves uni? Laurie Oue, a.k.a. @konaish in social media, lists her fave dishes starring the creamy sea urchin

Posted January 29, 2014 by Nonstop Honolulu

By Laurie Oue
Special to Nonstop

I’ve always liked uni. I can’t even recall my first taste. For as long as I can remember, uni has always been the first thing I order at a sushi bar. Lots of times I’m the only one eating it because others don’t like it—uni are the deep yellow gonads of sea urchins, after all—but I don’t care.

I look for a taste that’s like the sea, yet creamy and buttery. I look for freshness. And in any dish I look for a substantial quantity of uni, enough to get a good taste of it.

There may be different flavors in the sauces and differences in the way a dish is prepared. But still it comes down to flavor. I want to make sure I have a mouthful of uni.

If you want to see all the uni dishes I’ve eaten recently, look for hashtag #uniporn. As for the very best, here are my Top 5 most memorable uni dishes.

No. 1: Taormina (6 of 6)

No. 1: Taormina

Sea urchin pasta, Taormina

The uni is cooked, but the pasta is delicious and the sauce has a balance that brings out the uni flavor without masking it with too much garlic or cream. I taste uni and butter. You get uni in every bite. I dream about this dish. I’m definitely going back to have more.

Taormina Sicilian Cuisine
227 Lewers St.

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