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Our Top 5: Roast pork

My criteria in selecting my Top 5 focused on the tenderness of the pork, ratio of meat to fat, the flavor of the gravy and overall taste

Posted July 30, 2013 by Myong Choi

Roast pork may seem like a random dish to single out for Nonstop’s Our Top 5 series, especially following more traditional choices of poke, burgers and cocktails. But actually, there’s a reason I picked it. We’ve all gone to plate lunch restaurants and been overwhelmed by the choices. What to get? Teri beef? Chicken katsu? Or hamburger steak? Most plate lunch grinders I know have a “go-to” plate lunch dish. Mine is roast pork.

The simple combination of tender pork and savory gravy is all I need to satisfy my hunger. If I see roast pork on the menu, I often order it, because it makes ordering simple and gives me a litmus test for the quality of food at a particular restaurant. If the roast pork is good, it usually means I’d go back to try other dishes.

Oh and I’m not talking about Chinese-style roast pork with crispy skin and a layer of fat. I’m talking about local-style roast pork, either sliced or shredded, slathered with brown gravy. My criteria in selecting my Top 5 focused on the tenderness of the pork, ratio of meat to fat (I like a little fat in my dish, but not too much), the flavor of the gravy and overall taste.

Uh oh, my stomach is growling. I wonder which of my picks I’ll be eating at tomorrow.

#5 - One Plus One Drive Inn (1 of 5)

#5 - One Plus One Drive Inn

I only recently tried this Mo`ili`ili plate lunch place, but I'm sure I'll be back for more of their ono roast pork. The portions are just right at its price of $7.75 for a regular and $6.50 for a mini, and the dish is flavorful with a good ratio of meat to fat. One Plus One's gravy is the lightest of my Top 5, so it really lets the flavor of the roast pork shine. I also appreciated the tiny pieces of crispy skin on the plate, although some of the pieces were a little dry.

One Plus One Drive Inn
2437 S. King St.

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