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‘Hawaii Five-O’ Recap: ‘Wahine`inoloa’

McGarrett finally meets a villain who’s one step ahead

Posted November 27, 2012 by Myong Choi

Nothing like a little bit of Vanessa Marcil playing a psychologist suspected of murder to spice up this bland third season of “Hawaii Five-0.” I’ve admired her um, talents, for years. I’m not ashamed to admit that I’ve even watched a few episodes of “General Hospital” just to catch a glimpse of her in my living room. Too bad I gave up watching “Beverly Hills 90210” by the time she appeared in that show and never really got into her other show, “Las Vegas.” So tonight’s episode, “Wahine`inoloa” was a nice way to see her on TV again. What made it even better was that she played a really smart character who absolutely played McGarrett for most of the episode. Too bad her storyline had to share airtime with another pointless Mommy McG story. The two plotlines shown in parallel did not mesh well, and I wish they had just focused on the main story.

Here’s this week’s look at The Good, The Bad and The Weird.

The Good

  • I’ll say it again. Vanessa Marcil. And not just for obvious reasons. I loved that she played a smart, scheming character who pushed McGarrett’s buttons. She outsmarted him several times, and it was nice to see McG actually lose a few rounds. I hope the writers bring back more villains who have triple digit IQs.
  • I’ll admit that the writers got me on this one. They never make the obvious target the actual murderer, so I was sure Marcil’s psychologist character wasn’t guilty and started to think about other possible suspects. But sometimes the most obvious choice is the correct choice. Bravo.
  • Café Julia gets some free publicity. I’ve been there for lunch several times, and I agree that it is a really nice place to confront your stalker. The breeze from the open-air seating really helps you keep your cool.
  • Did Chin get a haircut? Looking good, my Korean brotha!

The Bad

  • Everyone knows by now how I feel about the Catherine and Momma McG characters. So of course they had to go and give them their own little sideshow this week. It’s like when they gave “The Tortellis” from “Cheers” their own show. Nobody cared.
  • And speaking of Michelle Borth’s character, she has a house now? I thought she was on temporary leave from the Navy for some R&R. Why was she spending so much time down at a hotel pool then?
  • That Witness Protection agent has to be the stupidest agent ever. Not only did he get tricked by Catherine for information regarding McG’s mom a few weeks back, now he returns and falls for the, “hey, what’s that? Look there!” trick. Ai yai yai…
  • Who’s Mangosta? Oh yeah, that’s right. No one cares.

The Weird

  • The psychologist was able to get a TRO (temporary restraining order) on McGarrett within an hour or so? Is that possible? I wouldn’t know because I’m usually pretty good about evading those guys who serve the papers for at least a day or so.
  • Speaking of the TRO, does anyone else think there’s something wrong with a system where you can tell the officer who is investigating you for murder to stay away from you? That’ll put a major crutch into a lot of police investigations.
  • I didn’t really understand McG’s hostility toward Dr. Victor for lying to him. Every single guilty criminal he’s ever investigated on the show has lied and tried to pull one over on him. Why was there so much anger toward this particular perp? I think he was mad that he already had a girlfriend and couldn’t make a move on the good doctor.


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