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‘Hawaii Five-O’ Recap: ‘Hookman’

Is this remake of an episode from the original TV run worth a look?

Posted February 5, 2013 by Myong Choi

So is anyone in Hawaii still watching “Hawaii Five-0?” Just the hardcore Scott Caan fans perhaps?

The show returned with its first new episode after Caan’s unfortunate comments on a national talk show with “Hookman,” a remake of an episode from the show’s original run on TV. Peter Weller guest starred as the titular character and also directed the episode about a man with prosthetic arms seeking revenge on the cops responsible for his handicap and who put him in jail.

So how did the episode fare? Check out The Good, The Bad and The Weird to find out.


The Good

  • Love, love, love the retro opening credits. I think the show should keep these for all episodes. Please!
  • “I’m old school. You hurt one of mine, I hurt you back.” – Officer Troy Ookala. The thought may be a little outdated in today’s sensitive, PC world but there is still something that feels right about that kind of justice. Like he said, it’s old school.
  • Fong and Kono flirting. Go Fonger! Make her forget that bad boy 2nd generation yakuza wannabe!
  • Speaking of Fong, always enjoy seeing him out of the lab and contributing to the team.
  • “You’re a nasty human being” – Gun shop owner to Danno. So how many viewers in Hawaii (those still watching) stood up and cheered at that line?
  • “Is he off his meds or does he always act this way?” The gun shop owner had all the great lines in this episode. He was hilarious.
  • Sniper Kono!

The Bad

  • Charlie Murphy playing the low-life thug shot by the police. I guess he didn’t share any of his brother’s Axel Foley type moves.
  • This show has a terrible habit of having their characters state the obvious. Just how dumb do they think we are anyway? P-l-o-t. That’s the writers spelling out the plot for us every week.
  • Kono can’t pronounce Ookala.
  • The governor has to give a press conference to ward off the Bureau of Tourism because two cops got shot? What about the scores of other victims, including other cops, who die every week on the show? Where’s their press conference? Just another weak method of getting the Governor into the show.
  • Speaking of the cops getting killed, that happened in the same day? So in one day, the killer hiked up a mountain, shot a cop, went back to his house to engrave another bullet, sold a gun to a thug and then set up another elaborate sniper opportunity? All while it’s still daylight out? Sometimes the show plays it too loose with its timelines.
  • What’s with the “Return of the Jedi” last scene? That was totally weird.

The Weird

  • Was casting Weller, the man who starred in Robocop, to play the man with prosthetic arms an intentional move or just coincidence?
  • Did he really have to hike up that hill to set up that first kill? Looks like Chin and Kono just drove right up to the spot he was at. Maybe he was trying to stick to his New Year’s resolution to get more exercise.
  • His Skeletor hands looked really creepy.
  • What’s with the gun control debate in the middle of the show? That was really awkward. Can we please leave politics out of this show?



  1. Posted February 13, 2013 at 3:56 pm

    Did anyone else recognize that the gun shop owner was Max Weinberg, drummer in the E Street Band and, of course, of Max Weinberg and the Max Weinberg 7 on Conan O’Brian’s Tonight Show?  When I first saw him, I knew he looked familiar, but couldn’t place him at first.
    Also, did you miss doing a recap?  There was an episode between this one and the one where Chin Ho was in Halawa, but I didn’t see a recap for it.

  2. MyongChoi
    Posted February 14, 2013 at 9:27 am

    @WERUreo Hmm…I didn’t realize that was Max Weinberg. Good catch! 
    And yeah, I did miss a recap or two this season due to my schedule. I try my best to watch new episodes on Monday nights when they air but sometimes just can’t fit it in.

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