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‘Hawaii Five-O’ Recap: ‘Ha`awe Make Loa’

Solid action and good guest stars make this the best episode this year

Posted December 4, 2012 by Myong Choi

You can never go wrong with a little bit of C. Thomas Howell. The star of ’80s classic films such as, “The Outsiders,” “”Red Dawn,” “The Hitcher” and “Soul Man” guest starred in “Ha`awe Make Loa” and delivered a great performance of a hit man in pain. I was pleasantly surprised to see him in this summer’s “The Amazing Spider-Man” as well, and I certainly hope that along with this guest shot on “Hawaii Five-0,” he will have a little career resurrection. Ponyboy always delivers the goods.

Along with Howell’s guest turn, some excellently executed technical scenes, a love interest for Max and a few bikinis made this episode the best one so far this season.

Here’s this week’s look at The Good, The Bad and The Weird.

The Good

  • It was really great to see C. Thomas Howell again. I grew up watching his films in the ’80s and always thought of him as a charismatic actor. He proved in this episode that he still has it. Stay gold, Ponyboy, stay gold.
  • Speaking of products of the ’80s, I must admit that I really liked Rumer Willis (born in 1988), who guest starred as a love interest for Max. She uncannily looks exactly like a 50/50 DNA split of her parents Bruce Willis and Demi Moore, and I thought she did a great job playing a bank teller with a crush on Max. Masi Oka suddenly became a lot more likable. I definitely wouldn’t mind seeing where this story goes.
  • “For your sake, I really hope Gabby comes back soon.” – McGarrett to Danno, referring to his girlfriend Dr. Gabrielle Asano, played by Autumn Reeser. Now that her other show “Last Resort” has been cancelled, I wish that she would return to 5-0 again soon as well.
  • Infrared radiation bulbs to hide faces from security cameras? Vein pattern identification? Genius! I have never seen stuff like that before and loved the ingenuity to include them in the storyline.
  • “That’s right. He’s bare-ass naked.” – Kono, describing the perp she’s chasing. I had to chuckle at that one. I also loved how Kono had a lot meatier role in this episode, even getting to ride with McGarrett in his car twice. Has that ever happened before?
  • The guy who played the naked bank robber Makani Jacobs. Instantly my favorite perp of the season. Loved him in the interrogation room. Brought back memories of Sang Min in some strange way.
  • The stunt direction was great, especially the shot of the hitman then McGarrett jumping through the hospital window. Kudos to director Gwyneth Horder-Payton for a well executed episode all around.
  • Is it just me, or does anyone else wish Kono would ditch the Yakuza bad boy and hook up with Fong? What happened to Yakuza Jr anyway? We haven’t seen him since the first episode this season.

The Bad

  • Okay, I understand that CBS is working its synergy by inserting a totally unnecessary Victoria’s Secret storyline into the episode to help promote its fashion show the next day, but this was pretty blatant. Since when does 5-0 work stalker cases? What is 5-0’s jurisdiction anyway? They seem to handle every significant investigation. You’d think from watching the show that all HPD does is chase after 5-0 to clean up their messes. I’d love to see more of a collaborative effort between 5-0 and the HPD in the future.
  • So that bullet went straight through the man with cancer and then hit the bank teller behind him? Hmm…the man and the bank robber were in a struggle on their knees and the man was shot in the gut. Yet somehow, the bullet made its way to the teller who was hiding behind the tall bank counter. Was this a JFK type bullet that could ignore all the laws of physics? Back, and to the left. Back, and to the left. Back, and to the left.
  • Kono sure did make it down to the street level outside the hospital quickly after McGarrett had to literally jump on rooftops to get to the same place.

The Weird

  • Sabrina asking Max to take her out for sushi on their first date. Whoa, take it easy girl! Small kine high maintenance, yeah? Actually, I’ve taken a girl out for expensive sushi several times on the first date. This has always been a dilemma. Do you try to impress them or take them somewhere cheaper in case it doesn’t work out? The last time I did this was earlier this year. I was really craving Kona Kai, so that’s where I decided to take her for dinner. Apparently my date wasn’t familiar with the concept of omakase so she just kept eating what the chef gave her. I was amazed at how much she could put away and she finally asked me how much more food would they be giving us and when I told her we could stop anytime we were full, we enjoyed a big laugh. Two hours later and $150 lighter in the wallet, I never saw her again. Still, no regrets whatsoever. At least I got a great meal out of it. Speaking of sushi, instead of serving Sabrina a vending machine sandwich at the hospital break room for their first date, he should’ve had a full sushi meal prepared. That would’ve showed her that he remembered what she said at the bank and boom, game over. Max and Sabrina sitting in a tree.



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