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Fab Five Super Bowl commercials

A look at my favorite commercials from the big game

Posted February 4, 2013 by Myong Choi

Every year, millions gather on Super Bowl Sunday to eat, drink, talk story and… watch commercials. Sure, there’s an important football game going on, but what do many of us really look forward to? Seeing which TV ads can wow us or make us laugh the most. To be honest, the level of quality and creativity of Super Bowl commercials hasn’t been stellar in recent years, but this year, there were a few that popped out for me.

Here’s my list of the Fab Five Super Bowl commercials:

Honorable Mention

While technically not a commercial, the trailer for the upcoming film, “Fast and Furious 6″ really was the most memorable ad for me. Tanks, planes, high speed chases, explosions, hot women, what more could a guy ask for? Director Justin Lin is amazingly taking this film franchise to another level, and I can’t wait to see it on the big screen.

#5 – Audi: Prom

This commercial was really effective because its core message rings so true — drive the right car, and you can be whoever you want. We all know guys who believe the car they drive makes them different from who they really are. The little smirk the high school boys gives as he drives away from the prom with a black eye for kissing the prom queen is what really won me over.

#4 – Skechers: GoRun 2 shoes

Starting off as an animal documentary, we initially see a cheetah chasing after a gazelle and then a guy wearing Skechers running after the cheetah. Very original, and I loved the wink and fist bump at the end.

#3 – Tide: Miracle Stain

Another original idea executed perfectly, satirizing people’s search for miracles in the weirdest, most random paces. But the surprise ending was the kicker that really added another level to the commercial.

#2 – Go Daddy: Smart and Sexy

Yes, I know this commercial is cringe inducing and not in the best taste but damn, if it isn’t creative, shocking and memorable. This is what I want out of a Super Bowl commercial – something that catches my attention. I’ve seen enough commercials with Clydesdales and old people acting young. Give me something that I’ll talk about with my co-workers the next day. I have no idea who Bar Refaeli is but she has to be one of the bravest women alive.

#1 – Hyundai: Team

I just loved the simplicity of this ad. The best part was when the bullied kid gathered up his group of ragtag friends and gave each other knowing nods as if to say, “it’s on!” That homage to the many films with similar scenes made this commercial my favorite of the day.

So which ones were your favorites?



About Myong Choi

Born in Korea but a Hawaii resident since the age of 1, Myong Choi is a diligent engineer by day and an enthusiastic fun seeker by night. His appreciation for film started with watching bloody and violent Shaw Brothers kung fu films at Empress Theatre at age 5. When not catching up on the latest or greatest films he’s following K-pop trends, outside hiking or playing basketball, or inside enjoying an ice cold beer with friends.

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