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Viva Vegas: Art of Flavors

I found a very special little gelato shop in Las Vegas with a roundabout Hawaii connection

Posted January 7, 2014 by Melissa Chang

People always return to Las Vegas and their favorite spots, but I’d be remiss if I didn’t tell you about some new taste adventures that you can try.

Blog reader and Hawaii transplant Carrie Azama highly recommended I try this new gelato spot, Art of Flavors, near Downtown. Gelato is everywhere in Las Vegas, but this place is special. The owner, Desyree Alberganti, is a former pastry chef at the Venetian, so she has the same progressive thinking that you’ve seen in our own Ed Morita. She dreams up crazy flavors — which are actually not so crazy — and figures out a way to make them into gelato to sell at the restaurant.

Oh, there’s regular stuff, like mango, oreo cookie, vanilla, chocolate and more … but if you’re a little more adventurous, try something from her ever-changing selection of specialty flavors, like the macaroni and cheese, pear gorgonzola, or kicked-up chili-spiked chocolate. Samples are free, so don’t be shy to ask. And her bowls are very reasonable at just $3.25 for a single scoop, all the way up to $5.75 for three scoops. It’s only been open for five months, but Google her and you’ll see that Art of Flavors is wildly popular with Vegas locals.

Art of Flavors (8 of 8)

Art of Flavors

I ended up having the almond (underneath), plus the chocolate chili and the pear-bleu cheese because Desyree said it would be magic. It was a very nice combo! I'd probably not get the chili chocolate again because I tend to not like spicy desserts, but it was a great combo to experience. I liked the almond because ... well, I just like almond flavor. Go with your gut when you order!

As with everything in Las Vegas, there was a random Hawaii connection, too! When Desyree said that she worked at Caked Las Vegas, I remembered that I had blogged about the shop and its owner, Carolyn Tada Portuondo, on my trip two years ago. And, if you recall, Carolynn is my twitter friend Brad Tada’s (@Tadasauce) cousin. Small world, huh?


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