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New at Mariposa

Neiman Marcus’ signature restaurant has made some subtle new changes

Posted December 2, 2013 by Melissa Chang

You probably didn’t have time to stop and eat during this past weekend’s Black Friday frenzy, but now that people have settled into the holiday shopping groove, a meal break is  easier to take (and access). If you go to Neiman Marcus’ Mariposa, you’ll find some new changes to the decor and menu.

To be honest, the restaurant will not look different to most diners, but now that I’m telling you about it, you’ll feel it. The furniture is less bulky, which means there is more space between tables. The waitstaff loves this, as it gives them more room to move. You’ll feel like it’s a lot more open, and you will barely notice the staff because they won’t be dodging so close to you.

There are a few new menu items, in addition to the tried-and-true favorites: Mariposa poke, roasted beet salad, a couple of sandwiches, rosemary and garlic roasted pork chops, kabocha pumpkin ravioli and shrimp, and a few desserts. They couldn’t completely revamp the menu, of course, since there are some items that people eat all the time (yes, I always have the applewood salmon salad!). They reopened recently after the renovation, so Olena Heu and I went to see what’s new. Here’s my tip: Try to get a table in Jeremy Chong’s section, and eat whatever he tells you to eat. He’s always right!

Neiman Marcus Mariposa (7 of 7)

Neiman Marcus Mariposa

By the way, the drinks are not new, but I always try to get a different drink when I have lunch. There's the prickly pear drink and their version of a tropical iced tea, which are very popular. This one is an iced tea topped with a scoop of sorbet, which is refreshing on hot Hawaii days.


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