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Revenant Architecture exhibition @ CoXist Studio

CoXist’s new art exhibit highlights the radical, utopian vanguard ideas of young architects from around the globe

Posted April 22, 2013 by Tracy Chan

Revenant Architecture exhibition @ CoXist Studio (1 of 8)

Revenant Architecture exhibition @ CoXist Studio

It's not your typical art gallery exhibit, but it highlights something most of us probably wouldn't even think of as art: Architecture. How often do we even really think about the buildings that we live, work, play and eat in? How often do we worry about the functionality, sustainability and economic impact of these structures, let alone the concept behind why they're designed the way they are?

The brainchild of Honolulu-born architect Dimitri Kim of XMANIFOLD A.D.R.L. (Applied Design Research Laboratory), the Revenant exhibition, which opened on Saturday during Night Market, is a fascinating display of concept art from several daring young architects around the globe. The exhibition’s goal is to resurrect bold, vanguard and utopian styles in contemporary architecture, and get people thinking about the structures around us, how they'll affect our future as a society, and what is possible.

Stop by any time until May 11 to check out the work of Dimitri Damiel Kim from Honolulu, Angel Garcia from Barcelona, Chao Wei-Su from Shanghai, Owen Nichols from NYC, Matt Hung from London, and Herman Lee from Hong Kong.

Revenant Young Architects Exhibition
Coxist Studio, 331 Keawe St.
Saturday, April 20- Saturday, June 11


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