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Party pics: Rage 4 Daniel

A who’s who of the nightlife industry came to join in the fundraising effort for Nextdoor owner Daniel Gray, who has been diagnosed with brain cancer

Posted January 16, 2014 by Tracy Chan

A who’s who of the nightlife industry, from bar and club owners and staff to partygoers, along with family and friends, came to join in the fundraising effort Wednesday for Nextdoor owner Daniel Gray, who has been diagnosed with brain cancer. Mixologist Joey Gottesman and entertainers, including DJs Mr. Nick and Compose, local duo Da Push-o-verse and magician Alex Iverson, donated their time and talent to the party. Businesses from all over the Island donated gift certificates, clothing, liquor, jewelry and many other items that were raffled off, with proceeds going toward Daniel’s medical bills, estimated at $50,000. Daniel himself put in a special appearance despite everything, because “I couldn’t NOT be here,” he said.

Wednesday night’s party is just the first fundraising event Daniel’s friends are planning to throw to raise money for him. Future events talked about include a multi-venue party in Chinatown’s club district and a bachelor/bachelorette auction.

For the back story and what the Rage 4 Daniel fundraiser events are all about, take a look at my other blog post: Rage 4 Daniel: Helping a Friend in Need. 


Rage 4 Daniel (50 of 50)

Rage 4 Daniel

Rage 4 Daniel


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