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A look inside Paiko

We chatted with the owners of Paiko, Kakaako’s botanical boutique, and got to see the making of an aerium, a miniature floral landscape inside a glass globe.

Posted July 29, 2013 by Tracy Chan

You’ve probably seen the little glass globes hanging in the windows of Paiko, one of the most intriguing little shops on Auahi Street. Word has been spreading lately that this is the place to get affordable decorative indoor flora that is both hardy and unusual.

“We call ourselves a botanical boutique,” said founder Tamara Leed, an Aina Haina girl who named the shop after Paiko Beach, where she fell in love with floral design at her grandmother’s home. “A lot of things we have here are fun ways to bring green, living things to your house.”

With a hand-picked selection of cut flowers, succulents, air plants and terrariums for the urban lifestyle, the little shop is all about beautiful living art. In addition, Paiko offers workshops and events on topics like local sourcing, sustainability, and floral design.

In this video, Tamara shares the story behind Paiko, and her partner Courtney Monahan walks us through the making of an aerium, Paiko’s popular product that resembles a miniature landscape inside a glass globe.

Here’s some photos from around the store:

A look inside Paiko (1 of 12)

A look inside Paiko

Step inside Paiko and you'll find a variety of cut flowers, books, and all kinds of small living plants in intriguingly artistic containers.


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